It took root at the dinner table.

How we Germinated

The concept of Red Shed malting started as a small seed, when Joe started brewing small batches of beer. It took root through numerous conversations at the family dinner table and was nourished by our desire to taste our own barley in Joe’s beer.

We began touring breweries within Alberta and through our conversations with the brew masters, we identified a need for locally sourced, traceable specialty malt. Currently, most specialty malts are imported into Canada. After extensive research, conversations with industry experts, and attending the CMBTC Malt Academy, we decided to start Alberta’s first craft malthouse with Canada’s first malt roaster!

The consumer is seeking more complex flavours and a better understanding of what ingredients are used to make their craft beer and spirits. Red Shed Malting is the missing link in the chain between the barley grower and the brewmaster. We craft a local, sustainable, traceable specialty malt that brewmasters and distillers use to create beer and spirits with consistently more flavour.

“I love home brewing, it is not only a science but an art. It challenged my creative side to think how great it would be to make a beer with barley that I helped grow”

Joe Hamill – Malting Operations (4th generation farmer)

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