A prime barley growing region.

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Wineries often describe the terroir of their grapes. A terroir describes how a regions climate, soil condition and terrain affects the taste of the product. It’s not a term used very often in the beer industry, but at Red Shed Malting, we believe it should be. Different varieties of 2 row malted barley can produce unique flavours and aromas, as evident with our Synergy, Connect and Newdale malt.

Alberta has ideal growing conditions for the most sought after barley varieties in the world. It is home to two industrial malt plants, and they chose Alberta because the rich soil and cooler climates allow farmers to grow premium barley. Our climate allows for minimal use of pesticides and pre-harvest chemicals, while providing storage conditions that help prevent insects from entering the grain. Combining our quality barley with the elite craftsmanship in malting, brewing and distilling in the province, Alberta has the necessary ingredients to create a perfect beer and spirit.

Western Canada is home to some of the top barley breeders, research organizations, universities programs, and agriculture and health departments in the world. All of whom are continually developing and promoting malt barley varieties that make better beer. We work with these organizations to show off the great things Alberta barley farmers are doing. Activities in this area range from working closely with Olds College and their Brewmasters Program, Brewery and Smart Farm to working with Alberta Barley and Canadian Malt Barley Technical Centre to host tours showcasing the latest varieties and Alberta advantages.

Coffee roasters often tell the story of the farmers, celebrating the family farms and agricultural regions. At Red Shed Malting, we want to help our brewers and distillers do the same. To assist with this, each bag of Red Shed malt includes information on the farmer and field where the grain came from and type of malt that is from our base malts, to our high kilned specialty malts to our truly Canadian roasted malts.

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